Week 15: Post-Final Feedback

We did it, we showed our video to the class.  Because Kae and I are known to be particularly active when it comes to giving feedback, Pannafino had the entire class go person-by-person to make sure everyone gave feedback to us, instead of just waiting for raised hands.  So we got a lot of feedback, but none that I disagree with, so that’s a good sign.  Here it is for grading and posterity purposes, or if we ever felt like going back to fix them for kicks:

2 different yellows that are close but not quite the same are on the screen at the same time (Construction hat and money bags) so it looks a bit odd.

The font choice was odd, it was very serif and serious looking, but the video is very cartoony and simple. It makes sense because the font represented money, but it kind of clashes with the whole style.

Character Illustrations could have been better. The lines and shapes looked a little rushed ad could have maybe benefitted from more detail.  It wasn’t a clashing of styles, but just a whole aesthetic level that felt a bit underwhelming.

The “graphs” showing income level may need to be tweaked for accuracy.  The college grad is making double, but it looks more like he just has a quarter higher when standing next to the other two.

The backgrounds are a bit too strong.  Sometimes the colors of the objects (such as the blues in the pants and shirts) blend into the background and get a little lost.

In most cases we didn’t “create an environment”. We had objects on a screen, but didn’t have a whole setting or environment for it to take place in.  Kind of feels empty and plain.

The color palette leant a little too much on the primary colors, and could have benefitted from some subtle gradients or textures to make them stand out a little more or “feel” good

There is an inconsistency with illustrations and objects, some have strokes and some don’t.

The rich guy that is used at the beginning and the end could have used more color or contrast, he’s mostly in a black suit and has some trouble standing out at times.

The examples of billionaires (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg) that we used at the beginning feel a bit stylistically odd.  They don’t completely fit in, maybe since they don’t have bodies and everyone else does? The level of detail is also a bit off compared to the other figures.

The calendar doesn’t look like a calendar.

The globe stays up a bit too long at the end.  I timed it to fade out with the music, but it does feel like it hovers up there just a touch too long.

The opacity use is solid.  Looks good, easy to read, communicates what it needs to.

All in all, it’s a pretty solid work that I would feel comfortable with displaying as a portfolio piece, and I’m pleased with what I learned in the class as a whole.  Let’s see where the world takes me next.


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