Week 14 Outside of Class

Well here it is, a full run-through of the video:

We’ve taken the feedback from the professor and our other students and have made an explainer video that we think meets and exceeds the requirements of the project.  It has changed a good bit since our original conception and storyboards, but it has become a project that cleanly and succinctly explains the concept we chose. The recording and soundtrack from or COMM students turned out pretty well and really brings the project together.

The files that the comm student sent over included sound effects and other noises, which were appreciated.  I tried them out in the video but they felt kind of weird and took away from the narration a bit, so I decided to leave them out, but I’d still like to give a shout-out for them making/finding the assets:


I plan to get feedback and make some changes one more time in order to make sure the video does everything we want, but here is a complete run through.


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