Week 14A

Today in class we showed our video in front of the whole class to get a collective student critique as well as professor comments, as compared to past times when it was a bit more individual. The critiques were largely helpful and definitely gave me stuff to work on without feeling to overwhelming in any way.


Some of the stuff was planned already and I haven’t done it yet, but it’s still good to know that what I have left to add in as requested, so it defiantly has a purpose and will benefit the piece. In addition to these comments that I kind of knew about ahead of time, they did also include a few good comments to work off of, for both small as well as less small improvements.

Dr. Pannafino also listened to our new recorded voice over and gave us a good bit to work on with the COMM students, who we are meeting with tonight. All in all, helpful feedback and a little over a week to go.


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