Week 13 Outside of Class

Today the amount of the project that is due before class in time for peer feedback is around 60% completion, so a little over 30 seconds. For this portion I mostly focused on adding the next “set piece” section while fixing the backgrounds for previous ones. I still have more plans to go back and improve certain elements and assets from this portion, but I’ll probably finish a run through of the video first before making those relatively smaller adjustments. Certain movements and fun little details need to get added, so that’ll come after I finish the animation overall.

In addition, we recorded our voiceover with the COMM students and it sounds pretty legit, the studio recording set-up really does more for the voiceover than my desk mic did, and it’s nice to have a little background music.

Edit: After showing the video in class we got a fair bit of solid peer and professor feedback: stick to flat shapes with the assets, fine tune the audio track and certain elements respective to one another, add in some more little subtle animations and motions, and more clearly communicate some of the dollars and values.

We need to focus on making our assets more cohesive, working with flat objects and shapes of color will help us get in that direction. Getting rid of strokes on objects and maintaining a consistent color scheme will help that as well.

Lots of good feedback to take into account, time to add it all in and see what we get, we’re nearing the finish line at this point.


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